Poetical Questions: And Mellstock Club-Room

1918–1919: Aet. 78–79
  • Florence Emily Hardy


Sunday, June 2. Seventy-eighth birthday. Several letters.’ Among others was an interesting one from a lady who informed him that some years earlier she had been made the happiest woman in the world by accidentally meeting for the first time, by the ‘Druid Stone’ on his lawn, at the late Mrs. Hardy’s last garden-party, the man who was now her husband. And a little later came one he much valued, from a man he lor.g had known — Mr. Charles Moule, Senior Fellow and President of Corpus, Cambridge, enclosing a charming poem to Hardy as his ‘almost lifelong friend … Too seldom seen since far-off times ’ — times when the two had visited mediæval buildings together, and dived from a boat on summer mornings into the green water of Weymouth Bay.


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