More on ‘Jude’, and Issue of ‘The Well-Beloved’

1896–1897: Aet. 55–57
  • Florence Emily Hardy


Hardy found that the newspaper comments on Jude the Obscure were producing phenomena among his country friends which were extensive and peculiar, they having a pathetic reverence for press opinions. However, on returning to London in the spring he discovered somewhat to his surprise that people there seemed not to be at all concerned at his having been excommunicated by the press, or by at least a noisy section of it, and received him just the same as ever; so that he and his wife passed this season much as usual, going to Lady Malmesbury’s wedding and also a little later to the wedding of Sir George Lewis’s son at the Jewish Synagogue; renewing acquaintance with the beautiful Duchess of Montrose and Lady Londonderry, also attending a most amusing masked ball at his friends Mr. and Mrs. Montagu Crackanthorpe’s, where he and Henry James were the only two not in dominoes, and were recklessly flirted with by the women in consequence.


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