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Some people think the biggest Welfare State problem of them all is housing. Everyone worries about housing. Even those lucky enough to own a house find it difficult to keep pace with the cost of running it; those who are buying the house through a mortgage (a loan, based on the security of the house and paid off by regular instalments generally over a long period) worry about the cost of the interest on their loan rising; those who are saving up to buy a house see the prices racing ahead of their savings; those who are in rented accommodation worry over the rents going up; people on the council house list worry about the years of waiting for a house or flat; and those without much money sometimes pay far too much for poor rooms. Yet the Government — or rather the taxpayers — hand over about £735 million in housing subsidies of one kind or another and every new Government has plans a-plenty to ‘solve the housing problem’. Why does it stay so obstinately unsolved?


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