The Administration of Charity

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The Santas Casas da Miseriódrdia in Asia, Africa and Brazil were governed by the Compromisso of Lisbon and shared the privileges granted to the parent house. The Miseriódrdia of Bahia had followed the 1516 Compromisso of Lisbon. This had been incorporated into the definitive statutes of 1618 with modifications and the introduction of twenty-two new chapters. A century of use had shown that the terms of reference of the 1516 Compromisso had been too general. The 1618 Compromisso had been characterised by its detail and lack of ambiguity, especially in the conditions of entry, the electoral procedure, and the responsibilities of brothers. It had catered for the expanding role of the brotherhood in Lisbon by appointing stewards for poor aid, legal affairs, the administration of legacies, the chapel and the dispensary. Additional commitments such as the administration of the Hospital of All Saints and the retirement house had also demanded special regulations. If the 1516 Compromisso had been a model of its kind, its successor had been no less so, as testified by its adoption until the nineteenth century.


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