Of diners actions passing betweene the first and second Punick Warres

  • Walter Ralegh


Here let vs rest awhile, as in a conuenient breathing place: whence wee may take prospect of the subiect, ouer which wee trauaile. Behold a tyrannicall Citie, persecuted by her owne mercinaries with a deadlie warre. It is a common thing, as being almost necessarie, that a tyrannie should bee vpheld by mercinarie forces: it is common that mercinaries should be false: and it is common, that all warre, made against Tyrants, should be exceeding full of hate and crueltie. Yet wee seldome heare, that the ruine of a Tyrannie is procured or sought, by those that were hired to maintaine the power of it: and seldome or neuer doe we reade of any warre, that hath beene prosecuted with such inexpiable hatred, as this that is now in hand.


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