Of the delivery of Israel out of Ægypt

  • Walter Ralegh


The Ægyptians, and of them the Memphites, and other Heathen Writers, who in hatred of the Hebrewes haue ob-iected that Moses past ouer the red Sea at a low ebbe, vpon a great spring-tide, and that Pharao conducted more by furie then discretion, pursued him so far, as before he could re-couer the coast of Ægypt, he was ouertaken by the floud and therein perished, did not well consider the nature of this place with other circumstances. For not to borrow strength from that part of the Scriptures, which makes it plaine, that the waters were diuided, and that God wrought this miracle by an Easterly winde, and by the hand and rod of Moses (which authoritie to men that beleeue not therein perswadeth nothing) I say that by the same naturall reason vnto which they fasten themselues, it is made manifest, that had there beene no other working power from aboue or assistance giuen from God himselfe to Moses, and the children of Israel than ordinarie and casuall, then could not Pharao and all his armie haue perished in that pursuite.


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