Of the memorable buildings of Ninvs, and of his wife Semiramis: and of other of her actes

  • Walter Ralegh


But to come backe to Ninus the amplifier and finisher of Niniue: whether he performed it before or after the ouer-throw of Zoroaster, it is vncertaine. As for the Citty it selfe, it is agreed by all prophane writers, and confirmed by the Scriptures, that it exceeded all other in circuit, and answerable magnificence. For it had in compasse 440. stadia, or furlongs; the walles whereof were an hundred foot vpright, and had such a bredth as three charriots might passe on the rampire in front: these walles were garnished with 1500. towers which gaue exceeding beautie to the rest, and a strength no lesse admirable for the nature of those times.


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