Of the Creation, and Presentation of the World

  • Walter Ralegh


God, whome the wisest men acknowledge to be a power vneffable, and vertue infinite, a light by abundant claritie inuisible, an vnderstanding which it selfe can onely comprehend, an essence eternall and spirituall, of absolute purenesse and simplicitie, was and is pleased to make him-selfe knowne by the worke of the World: in the wonderfull magnitude whereof, (all which he imbraceth, filleth, and sustaineth) we behold the image of that glorie, which cannot bee measured, and withall that one, and yet vniuersall nature, which cannot be defined. In the glorious lights of heauen, we perceiue a shadow of his diuine countenance, in his mercifull prouision for all that Hue, his manifold goodness: and lastly, in creating and making existent the world vniuersall by the absolute art of his owne word, his power and almightinesse, which power, light, vertue, wisedome, and goodnesse, being all but attributes of one simple essence, and one God, wee in all admire, and in part discerne per speculum creaturarum, that is, in the disposition, order, and varietie of celestiall and terrestriall bodies: terrestriall, in their strange and manifold diuersities; celestiall, in their beautie and magnitude; which in their continuall and contrarie motions, are neither repugnant, intermixt, nor confounded. By these potent effects we approch to the knowledge of the omnipotent cause, and by these motions their Almightie mouer.


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    Metrical translations are normally provided by Ralegh himself. Here we have one of the few exceptions, for the translation is borrowed from Arthur Golding, The xv Bookes of P. Ouidius Naso, entytuled Metamorphosis (1567) 15–8.Google Scholar

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