Wage, Fiscal, Social Security Policies and Institutional Changes as a Means of Redistributing Income in Developing Countries

  • U. A. Aziz


This paper is meant to provide a framework for a discussion of certain aspects of income distribution in the context of economic development. It is neither comprehensive nor conclusive. If it were to be comprehensive it would need to discuss the issues at greater length, and since the object of the Symposium is to provide an opportunity for such discussion, a primary function of this paper should not be to present cut-and-dried conclusions. Rather the intention is to present, and examine, a set of concepts which would fit into a framework for studying one aspect of wage policy issues: namely, the distribution of income and the promotion of economic development. Various means of redistributing income, their desirability and relative effectiveness, are examined in turn. These include wage policy, fiscal policy, social security measures and certain institutional changes.


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