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In April 1966 a new Wolverhampton County Borough came into existence, formed from an amalgamation of the old one with neighbouring authorities. Labour held a majority during its first year, but in May 1967 lost control to the Conservatives, who became the majority party in Wolverhampton for the first time in fifteen years. In a clean sweep of all positions of responsibility they took all the Chairmanships and Vice-Chairmanships, the Mayoralty and all the Aldermanic vacancies, ejecting five Labour Aldermen, including one first elected to the Wolverhampton Council in 1927 and another first elected in 1937. It appears that the new Council is like the old; no one party has a firm majority, and the margin between them is so narrow that patronage to the offices of Mayor or Alderman will be bitterly fought. The Conservative Group will be resorting to the same techniques of government as the Labour Group when in a majority.


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