Entrepreneurship: Supply of Entrepreneurs and Technologists with Special Reference to India

  • Palamadai S. Lokanathan
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The growth of industrial entrepreneurship is conditioned by a variety of economic, social, and political factors. In India today, the most outstanding fact is that the State itself is now the chief entrepreneur. It is not only creating a climate for entrepreneurship but also directly pioneering new industries and managing them. The Government has already done notable work in building economic and social overheads. It has established a new institutional framework to assist private enterprise. By its activities in various directions it has brought far-reaching changes in social attitudes and values. The initiation and development of basic and key industries by the State has had a multiplier effect on the economy. It has stimulated private enterprise in new industries. By promoting industrial research, inviting foreign technical collaboration in its own ventures and encouraging such collaboration in private enterprise, the Government is accelerating the rate of technological progress. Such advancement has opened new avenues for private entrepreneurship.


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