The Professionals, the Scientists and the Generalists

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At one of the first dinner parties that he attended at Oxford, the newly appointed Professor Lindemann, later Lord Cherwell, expressed his misgivings about thcstatus of science in Oxford to the wife of the Warden of All Souls. ‘You need not worry,’ she assured him, ‘a man who has got a First in Greats could get up science in a ‘fortnight.’ Lindemann credited himself with replying: ‘What a pity your husband has never had a fortnight to spare.’ 1 This conversation, although set in the early 1920s, in an exaggerated form does give a sense of the greater esteem given to arts studies in this country as opposed to those in science, and the differential would be even more marked if technology was brought into the picture and probably as much if the social sciences were considered too. It would be surprising if the structure of the Civil Service did not reflect this respect for the non-vocational as opposed to vocational education.


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