The Relationship between the Executive and Administrative Classes

  • Geoffrey Kingdon Fry


According to the Reorganisation Committee of 1920–1, the duties appropriate to the Administrative Class were those concerned with ‘the formation of policy, with the co-ordination and improvement of Government machinery, and with the general administration and control of the departments of the Public Service‘.1 In their initial analysis the committee bracketed the Administrative Class together with an Executive Class,2 but the structure that they eventually outlined consisted of separate hierarchies, with the Executive Class being assigned ‘the higher work of supply and accounting departments, and of other executive or specialised branches of the Service’. This work was to cover

a wide field, and requires in different degrees the qualities of judgment, initiative and resource. In the junior ranks it comprises the critical examination of particular cases of lesser importance not clearly within the scope of approved regulations, or general decisions, initial investigations into matters of higher importance, and the immediate direction of small blocks of business. In its upper ranges it is concerned with matters of internal organisation and control with the settlement of broad questions arising out of business in hand or in contemplation, and with the responsible conduct of important operations.3


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