Chlordane, Aldrin and Dieldrin

  • John Jewkes
  • David Sawers
  • Richard Stillerman


Chlordane, Aldrin and Dieldrin, three powerful new insecticides, were discovered in the middle forties and in each case Julius Hyman was intimately involved in the discovery. Hyman held degrees from the Universities of Chicago and Leipzig. In 1930 he gave up a post as research chemist in order to develop his own ideas for the manufacture of drying oils for paints, varnishes and other coatings from a waste product of petroleum refining. His cousin Joseph Regenstein, then President of Transo Envelope Company and the Arvey Corporation, agreed to give him financial support. The Varnoil Corporation, which later changed its name to the Velsicol Corporation, was organised. Hyman assigned his two relevant patent applications to this Corporation. As Vice-President, he acted as the firm’s operating head, directing all research and manufacture.


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