Automatic Transmissions

  • John Jewkes
  • David Sawers
  • Richard Stillerman


The story of the attempts to replace the manually operated gear-box and clutch of the motor-car by automatic transmissions giving smoother and simpler driving without an unacceptable loss of efficiency is a long and intricate one and only the bare outlines can be given here. The two main types of automatic transmission now used involve:
  1. (a)

    the combination of a hydraulic coupling with an automatically controlled epi- cyclic gear-box. This was the first fully automatic transmission to be introduced commercially, as the Hydra-Matic gear, by the General Motors Corporation of the United States;

  2. (b)

    the combination of a hydraulic converter-coupling (i.e. a torque converter in which the reactor is mounted on a free wheel, so that the features of a torque converter and a hydraulic coupling are combined) also with an automatically controlled epicyclic gear-box.



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