Light Distribution, Rousseau and Zonal Luminous Flux Diagrams

  • H. A. E. Keitz
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In order to be able to evaluate the luminous characteristics of light sources it is necessary to know, amongst other things, the radiated luminous flux in the various directions within the space around the source, i.e. the distribution of the luminous intensity, termed the light distribution of the source. It must also be possible to express this numerically or graphically.


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  1. 1).
    In addition to the Rousseau method there are a number of other graphical methods for the determination of luminous flux which are dealt with fully in the book by E. L. J. Matthews: “Etude critique des procédés graphiques ou analytiques pour la détermination du flux lumineux des sources de lumière”. Ghent 1929Google Scholar
  2. 2).
    J. J. B. Moerman, Elektrotechniek, 34, 1956, 407–412, “Bepaling van het licht-stroomverdelingsdiagram van armaturen” (Determination of the luminous flux distribution diagram of lighting fittings).Google Scholar

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