On Coldblooded Chicken in In Cold Blood

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Farming was the mainstay of Holcomb, Kansas, where the hardworking and law-abiding Clutters were typical of a community overwhelmingly comprised of Republican Methodists. In politically and religiously neutral terms, Holcombites represented the respectable, uncontroversial, orthodox bedrock of America in the immediate postwar decades, and the Clutters “lived,” as Ellsworth Lapham Fersch remarks, “a quiet, ordinary life in the middle of the United States” (79). The family comprised staunch churchgoers, with an emphasis on exhibiting their practice of religion—so much so that incredulity characterized the parishioners’ realization of their nonattendance on the morning of November 15, 1959. “That’s impossible,” expostulated Nancy Clutter’s friend Nancy Ewalt. “Can you imagine Mr. Clutter missing church?” (69; emphasis original).


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