Zionism, Arab Nationalism, Islamism, and US Neoconservatism

  • Hanna Samir Kassab


This chapter will discuss the histories of Zionism, Arab nationalism, Islamism, and popularity of US neoconservative foreign policy after 9/11. Organized differently than previous chapters, this one takes care to highlight the emotional reaction of peoples related to other ideologies; each ideology is an explicit answer to other ideologies. It documents the formulation of alternative ideological frameworks given fear of the first. While this particular chapter is written in a very different style, it stays true to the theoretical framework. Political ideology and its violence becomes the guiding force of fear, which constructs other ideologies and violence. Hence, this chapter sees ideologies as part of a dialectical conversation; violence and death, and the fear of violence and death, becomes the main driver of politics and the consolidation of a structure of violence that further shapes our political perceptions.


Foreign Policy Political Ideology Bush Administration Jewish People Suicide Bombing 
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