Stages of Sociocultural Transformation

  • Mohamed Rabie


In this chapter and the one that follows, a new theory of development will be outlined, and a plan to achieve sustainable societal development will be articulated. Both the theory and the plan recognize that culture, the values it espouses, and the attitudes it nurtures in people play a decisive role in determining the extent of societal development. The theory also recognizes that cultures are living entities, developed by people; they grew and changed in the past, continue to grow and change today, and will grow and change further in the future. In fact, cultures will never stop growing and chang-ing. However, some cultures are more amenable to change than others, and therefore the capacity of culture to change differs from one society to another depending on the culture’s ideological core and the civilizational context within which it lives. Cultures, generally speaking, tend to change under the influence of their own dynamics as well as the influence of changing domestic and global conditions.


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