Nation, Citizenship, and Religious Migrants

  • Carolina Ivanescu
Part of the Religion and Global Migrations book series (RGM)


Regimes of secularity do not take place in a vacuum. They are necessarily part of the matrix of the modern social imaginaries that guide social life and are articulated in a concrete physical space and at recognizable historical periods. As such, they form part of social imaginaries and inform symbols, such as the nation and religion. Modern social imaginaries inform and are informed by social formations and they are more than just a set of ideas. They enable and serve as basis for discourses and practices of the society, forming and being formed by social structures, informing and being informed by social functions, and structuring while being structured by social mechanisms. Furthermore, regimes of secularity are connected to physical nationstates and their concrete historical transformations.


Public Sphere Policy Process Religious Community Collective Identity French Revolution 
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