The Round Table: The HRO Reformers’ Fifteen Minutes of Fame

  • Dietrich Orlow


In December 1989 the HRO reformers briefly moved to the center stage. They wanted to accomplish three goals: supervise the Modrow government, write the rules for the upcoming parliamentary elections, and draft a constitution that would embody the “better socialism” for the GDR.

The HRO reformers certainly did not meet their first two goals. Modrow coopted them to become members of his government. As for the election rules, these were written by the GDR’s parliament, not the HRO reformers. They did draft a new constitution for the GDR, but it was a stillborn effort. The now democratically elected Volkskammer had no interest in a new GDR constitution. The RT’s draft document is of interest primarily for the vision of the “third way” that it embodied.


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