Introduction to Cognitive Enhancement

  • Robert H. Blank


After discussing what cognitive enhancement (CE) is and how it differs from therapy, this chapter will provide an overview of a range of nootropic drugs, devices and procedures that are, or are proposed to be, used for enhancement. Those covered include: methylphenidate; modafinil; amphetamines; beta-blocking drugs such as propranolol; donepezil; brain games; neurofeedback; transcranial direct current stimulation; transcranial magnetic stimulation; deep brain stimulation; and brain-computer interfaces (BCI). It then summarizes the latest scientific data on the effcacy of these interventions. It also includes an analysis of the current prevalence of CE use.


Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Deep Brain Stimulation Sleep Deprivation Cognitive Enhancement Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation 
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