Globalization and Regional Trade Agreements

  • Samuel O. Oloruntoba


Globalization is one of the most inscrutable terminologies of the twentieth century, whose meaning, definition, and understanding depend essentially on who is using it. It is both contextual and instrumental as it is often a subject of debate, antagonism, and emotional outbursts between those who support it and those who are against it. As Giddens (1996) observes, there are few terms that we use so frequently but which are as poorly conceptualized as globalization. Scholte (2007: 1473) concurs when he states that “the idea of globalization tends to remain as elusive as it is pervasive.” While globalization has been viewed from various perspectives, depending on which ideological divide one belongs to, the most appropriate dimension of globalisation that is of essential relevance to this book is economic globalization.


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