Regionalism or Multilateralism: Building National Competitiveness for Economic Development in Africa

  • Samuel O. Oloruntoba


The previous chapters of this book have examined the preponderance of the current trend toward regional governance of trade under the hubris of regional trade agreements (RTAs). The trend has been accentuated by the failure to conclude the Doha Development Round of trade negotiation under the auspices of the World Trade Organization (WTO). While provisions for RTAs have been part of the post-World War II international economic order, the current stalemate in negotiations for the conclusion of the Doha Development Round has accentuated the trend. With particular relations to North-South RTAs, developed countries have taken advantage of their stronger positions in terms of resources, negotiation skills, and unequal powers to include issues that are considered contentious in multilateral trade negotiations for RTAs. Some of these issues include trade and investment, trade and competition policy, transparency in government procurement and trade facilitation.


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