Migrant Organisations and the New Governance of Development

  • Thomas Lacroix
Part of the Migration, Diasporas and Citizenship book series (MDC)


The structuration of volunteering patterns is driven by a multiplicity of policy and social factors not only at arrival, but also at origin. The present chapter moves on from receiving to sending states and seeks to assess the impacts of their respective attitudes on hometown networks and collective remittances. The previous chapter pointed to the limitations of the POS approach, suggesting that the influence of public policies is an iterative process that depends on the readiness of migrant groups to endorse policy options. And this is all the more true when targeted groups have partaken in the process of policymaking itself. In other words, the bearing of state policies is better understood when conceived as a communication flow between policymakers and actors. In her comparative work on Mexican and Moroccan examples, Natasha Iskander astutely construes the definition and implementation of states’ diasporic policies as a dynamic and interpretative process in which migrant and state actors are engaged. She defines interpretation as a process through which a functional communication is established between actors who do not share the same language, practices or experience (Iskander 2010, 13). The author focused on the “conversational process” that went along with the definition of Moroccan and Mexican diasporic policies. This approach sheds light on the communicational dimension of policy effectiveness.


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