What Shapes Online News Performance?

  • Edda Humprecht
Part of the Challenges to Democracy in the 21st Century book series (CDC)


Is journalism at a major crossroads? It has been argued that the ‘digital revolution’ has changed the news media’s traditional roles and that there is a ‘crisis of journalism’ with serious consequences for democracy (Barnett, 2002; Downie & Schudson, 2009). The reasons for these fears are visible in changes to the industry and the pressures on the basic practice of journalism. Some authors question whether online news media are able to take up the role of legacy media and whether they contribute to informed participation in democracy (Curran et al., 2012; Fenton, 2010a). In this context, the question was raised of how online news media report relevant political issues and under which conditions they can perform important functions for democracy best.


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