Dispute Resolution in the Community

  • Andrea B. Rugh


An implicit goal of the Christian community was to encourage stability and harmony within their own ranks. In Bulaq, this was handled by (1) charity meant to relieve the critical needs of desperately poor Christians, (2) religious services urging mutual support among Christians, and (3) defusing and resolving disputes within the community both between Christian families and between Christians and Muslims. Previous chapters looked at the first two points, while this chapter describes the third—resolving disputes between parties in Bulaq. Mme Ansaf spent considerable time engaged in this effort, often far and above the duties expected of her by the board. While the Church preached conflict resolution, Mme Ansaf practiced it, and in the end, it was probably her most important contribution to the stability of the Bulaq community. The examples start with a case where Christians and Muslims were involved to show a standard negotiating pattern and then goes on to give examples of conflicts within Christian and Muslim families.


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