This book has been a wild adventure for me because when I set out to write it I didn’t know what I would find. I suspected that our digital devices had interesting secrets to reveal to me but I wasn’t sure what I’d discover or whether I could even find enough material to write a book. When I analyze a text, like an advertisement, or interpret the meaning of an object, like a camera, I use certain techniques I have mastered—such as semiotics, psychoanalytic theory, and Marxist ideological theory, and I am often surprised by what they yield. Some scholars, not sympathetic to qualitative analysis and the kind of writing I do, might suggest that Gizmos is mostly fantasy and that I use quotations from scholars to suggest that I am serious. That is, what I “find” in the gizmos I analyze is in my mind and not in the Gizmos. Once, when I was lecturing on Americana culture and society and giving a reading from my book Bloom’s Morning in Vietnam, someone in the audience asked me if the book was a novel—so I may be writing fiction in this book without realizing it.


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