Coordinating Research Efforts on Environmental Crime

  • Vittoria Luda di Cortemiglia
  • Juha Hintsa
  • Elise Vermeersch
  • Sangeeta Mohanty
Part of the Palgrave Studies in Green Criminology book series (PSGC)


In a period of extreme urbanisation, overconsumption, and extensive production of waste and pollution, the environment is under greater pressure than ever before. The adverse effects of this go well beyond strictly environmental impacts, by seriously undermining economies and livelihoods, good governance, and the rule of law. Having reached significant global proportions, environmental crimes have increasingly attracted the attention of the international community.


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  • Vittoria Luda di Cortemiglia
  • Juha Hintsa
  • Elise Vermeersch
  • Sangeeta Mohanty

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