Introduction: The Pedagogical Obstacle of the Phenomenal Forms

  • Luis S. Villacañas de Castro


This book is a further development from a previous one, published only in Spanish, whose title can be translated as The Copernican turn and the social sciences (Villacañas de Castro, 2013). It was a philosophical work relating to a general epistemological problem lying at the heart of the social and natural sciences. On the other hand, the present volume is firmly rooted in pedagogy. This difference reflects the professional journey that I have made in the meantime, from being a Graduate Student at a Faculty of Philosophy to becoming a member of staff at a Faculty of Education, where I currently lecture and carry out research. Despite the various shifts brought about by this transition, an underlying interest has remained throughout and inspired me to write this volume. This is why I consider both books to be part of a single, ongoing project.


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