Geographical Knowledge as an Important Part of Leaders’ Background

  • Cristina D’Alessandro
  • Frannie Léautier


The geographical knowledge that leaders need to possess to operate efficiently is analyzed here. This knowledge is an understanding of the mechanisms and dynamics of spaces and spatiality. Leaders need to interconnect and integrate this knowledge in their wider background to properly master and integrate the mechanisms of geogovernance. This allows them to analyze spatial dynamics within the political arena, to participate in the management and planning of these spaces. Illustrations from Wangari Maathai and Martti Ahtisaari will feature here.


Geographic Information System Spatial Knowledge Spatial Dynamic Mediation Process Political Arena 
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  • Cristina D’Alessandro
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  • Frannie Léautier
    • 2
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  2. 2.Mkoba Private Equity FundTanzania

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