Secondary School Education in Various Other Secondary Schools in Ireland, 1922–1962

  • Tom O’Donoghue
  • Judith Harford


The first account of memories of secondary schooling outlined in this chapter is that of Edward Lynch, who attended St Patrick’s Classical School in Navan, County Meath. This was a school run by diocesan priests which was not a diocesan college. The background to St Patrick’s Classical School is outlined in Edward Lynch’s memories of schooling below. However, before presenting them, it is necessary at this point to outline the background to the other three categories of schools. This background relates to the second account, by Don Herron, who attended a Catholic juniorate run by the Irish Christian Brothers, to John Coolahan’s account of his memories of attending a Catholic lay secondary school run by Miss Jane Agnes McKenna at Tarbert, County Kerry, and to Michael O’Shea’s memories of attending a preparatory college, which are then related.


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