Finance and Incentives to Support the Development of National Pharmaceutical Industries

  • Alastair West
  • Geoffrey Banda
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There is a now a growing international consensus that development of the pharmaceutical industry in Africa can contribute to both economic development and improved public health. This final chapter begins by identifying the striking convergence of thought and initiative that has recently been generated across continental African representative bodies, international agencies and national governments. We outline this emergent consensus and then examine challenges it faces by focusing on the core interconnected policy issues of financing and incentives for industrial development in pharmaceuticals. A sustainable and expanding pharmaceutical industry must reach essential quality standards and also constantly upgrade, moving up the technology ladder while improving cost efficiency. This requires a cocktail of incentives in which finance is key (Chataway et al., 2009). These incentives, in turn, rely on the building up of appropriate financial capabilities within firms and financial institutions as well as within governments. This chapter innovatively traces the interconnections between micro-level financial capabilities and national government policy competences in the design and effective implementation of financial incentives and associated policies to facilitate industrial development in pharmaceuticals in Africa.


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