Military Authoritarian Governmentality and Its Displacement

  • S. M. Shamsul Alam


The nationalist governmentality, as may be clear from the discussion in chapter 3, is a specific condition of biopolitical governmentality. In other words, it is a particular form of political rationality concerned with the governing and conduct of the population (“conduct of conduct”). As is also shown in chapter 3, the nationalist governmentality was inherently unstable in Bangladesh because the main actors of that governmentality failed to come to a consensus on terms and conditions of that historical form. In that failure, we observe a new form of political rationality belonging to yet another governmentality, which also, it will be shown here, failed in its attempt at governmentalization. This chapter is divided in two main sections. The first section deals with various attempts made by the military in the context of its own governmentality, while the second part explains the downfalls of military governmentality.


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