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As big as delivery is, production is equally important. We went into detail on the delivery component of online video in the last chapter, and now it’s time to cover the intricacies of production. But first things first. I need to point out that this chapter is not a how-to guide for producing Internet video, with detailed information on what cameras to buy or lights to use. There are plenty of books out there that can be used as resources for your self-production education. Instead, this chapter will focus on production experiences, including mistakes I’ve seen other marketers make. These insights will help guide you through the video production process. You’ll learn the following:
  • Production options available to help you create your video content because, like delivery, you have choices that include self-production or professional production;

  • The roles and goals of all involved in the project;

  • Music selection for your project;

  • Why you may need to attend the on-set filming of your project;

  • How the green screen technique can reduce your production costs;

  • The pros and cons of hiring a production company or filming yourself;

  • Tips for a successful production;

  • The process of a typical video production project from beginning to end.


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