Creating Video: Top Considerations for Production Success

  • John Cecil


Now that you have determined video is an important part of your media mix, you need to start considering what kind of video will work for you. There are three stages to video creation: pre-production, production, and post-production. It is not important for you to be an expert in production, of course, but just like you need to understand what an effective headline is, it is important to understand the production process for any online video because you will be better prepared as an online marketer to create content that will engage and interest your viewers. Production of your video content will be covered in chapter 7, but a key point is that preparation leads to well-produced content that increases conversions and creates sales leads. That preparation is happening now, while you’re reading about the production stages of video. They are loosely described to give you a feel for the steps involved in the creation of your content for online video viewers. Pre-production will cover the layout of your plan from beginning to end. You’ll decide what product or service to promote to your viewers and the footage length for your video, you’ll work with a scriptwriter to prepare the narrative content, and you’ll discuss the cast and any requirements with your producer.


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