Video in the Media Mix: Where It’s Been and Where It’s Going

  • John Cecil


If you look at the impact video has on our daily lives, it’s easy to see that your customers live a life very similar to yours, and you live a life similar to mine. Video influences each of us on a daily basis. Your customers go about their daily lives enjoying video throughout the day, receiving news, surfing the Internet, checking out weather reports, looking up recipes, and so much more. Consumers hear about your product and they visit your website to find out more information. At that point they become a prime target to convert to a customer. However, instead of reaching them with video, as they now experience content in all other aspects of their lives, you greet them with text and graphics. The process by which you are marketing to your customers today probably does not include video. Television is very different from video, and you’ll need to step back from your perceptions about television so that you can fully embrace video, get your footage created for online viewing, and smile about the increase video is making in your sales.


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