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So far we’ve covered online video through the process of production to delivery to video search optimization. Even with a well-produced video, a targeted and to-the-point message, and an optimized SEO plan, there is still another method you can use to ensure viewers find you via video. But not viral video. Most Internet users are utilizing social media one way or another, and this trend is giving the masses a clear and distinct voice like no other medium has done before. Not only can users update friends and family with photos of their recent vacation, but individuals can go directly to product and service websites to give the “world” their feedback, be it positive or negative. Social media has made communication between customers and companies completely direct. There is no “middle man,” and your customers can directly confront you about problems they may be having or about how awesome they think your product is. And this filter-free communication has the potential to make a real impact on your marketing efforts, especially when it comes to the ability to share your videos. Social marketing between businesses and consumers is easy; business-to-business (B2B) marketers may find it challenging. Video will help you overcome some of the difficulties of B2B marketing to your customers.


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