Can we really be sure the paranormal is bunkum?

  • Michael Hanlon
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Like most people who consider themselves to be rational beings, I have a long hate list of tiresome beliefs, notions and lifestyles which I reckon consign a person to the dark side. This list includes the following:
  • all religions, whether organized or utterly chaotic

  • astrology, spoon-bending and other alleged demonstrations of psychic powers such as telepathy

  • any manifestation of the New Age, including talk of chakras, channelling, crystals and chanting

  • the ‘wisdom of the East’ and the ‘wisdom of the Ancients’

  • the healing power of whale music

  • aromatherapy, rebirthing and reincarnation

  • alternative medicine, especially homeopathy and really especially homoeopathy

  • essential oils

  • anything Ayurvedic or involving gurus

  • ghosts, fairies and, far worse, faeries

Collectively all this stuff brings me out in a rash. Indeed, I suspect that the barstool question ‘What star sign are you?’ is an excellent Darwinian adaptation hardwired into the mating strategies of the deluded to provide a signal to sensible folk to keep clear and protect the gene pool.


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