The Non-Negotiable Promise of Excellence


WHEN RUDY KARSAM, CEO OF GLOBAL HUMAN RESOURCES FIRM Kenexa, says that his company defines trust by making a promise and then fulfilling the commitment, he’s ready to back it up. “We have a 90 percent renewal rate among our clients, we serve more than half of the Fortune 500, and we’re operating in more than 100 countries,” states Karsam in the welcome video posted on the company’s website. But the stats don’t begin to tell the story for this company that prides itself on making business personal. “Our business is so focused on relationships,” continues Karsam, “that our people have been in our clients’ wedding parties, they’ve become godparents to their children, and many have become lifelong friends.”1 If that’s not making business personal, I don’t know what is.


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