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Mobile Just Might Save Print
  • Michael Dru Kelley


It has been my goal over the last seven years or so to drive more value out of magazine and newspaper print publishing. Even today I work with a number of celebrity and lifestyle magazines, and I can assure you that images and stories in print sell publications to legions of fans—even with huge social (and virtual) followings. Regardless of how mobile advances the transition of print publications like Vanity Fair and InStyle to electronic platforms, consumers still love to see fashions, their favorite performers, and other content in images with the richness and representation that only print can provide. Yet I don’t need to overstate the research to show that if we include video with print pictures and make it easy to activate with mobile, a good percentage of the readership will also become viewership. If new forms of mobile-activated media are rising up all around us, why haven’t the print publishers responded?


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