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The New Two-Fisted TV Viewer

Remote in One Hand, Mobile in the Other
  • Michael Dru Kelley


AS I TYPE THIS, I’M WATCHING THE LOCAL NEWS on TV where they’re covering a major weather event happening in my area. Suddenly the anchor jumps up on the screen and tells the viewers to grab their phone and snap a picture of the weather in their area. I find myself obeying and dutifully taking pictures out the window, only to spend the next 15 minutes figuring out where to send them because the anchor failed to tell me. Now, I realize that I’m no longer paying attention to the newscast or the anchor, and I’ve even lost interest in the photography I was encouraged to do. I began to think that if the local television station had better integration with the viewers’ action screens, I would have never taken my attention off the alert screen, and the network would have delivered a seamless, much more fulfilling experience. It highlighted for me the need to focus on the producer community.


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