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The New Chief Mobile Officer

  • Michael Dru Kelley


I WANT TO LOOK FORWARD AND TALK ABOUT how modern business marketing needs to reshape its thinking, training, planning, and organizing in the face of mobile advancement. It’s both the easiest and most difficult chapter to write. It’s very easy for me to coach and cheerlead the marketing industry toward positive change in the mobile space. As a business owner with my own brands deeply rooted in traditional media, I struggle and strive every day to think about how mobile can enhance these businesses. At the same time, I want this chapter to be my homage of sorts to the industry. It’s my love letter to an industry that has made me love marketing and has shaped who I am, how I think, and what my vision is in light of a new mobile era. Please indulge me as I present my perspective on how business needs to evolve marketing.


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