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Out-of-Home Becomes Relevant Again

  • Michael Dru Kelley


“OUT-OF-HOME” IS TRADITIONALLY DEFINED AS any advertising that we see while outside of our houses, such as billboards or display boards in subways, airports, or movie theaters. The out-of-home sector has also worked to shed its image as purveyors of eyesore billboards by attempting to change their industry moniker to such kitschy titles as “play space media” (which I guess refers to every place outdoors being a “playground”) but also innovating with video billboards. The latter still draw the scorn of regulators because of the distraction to drivers—locally and nationally—but they certainly take advantage of the ever-progressing “jumbotron” television evolution. It is still shocking to see how crisp and true-to-life these large screens are becoming from the roadside boards to those in stadiums. In all instances, the out-of-home marketing and advertising industry has really failed to catapult itself beyond intrusiveness, but there are glimmers of hope, and mobile can help deliver the opportunities.


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