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In addressing the role of the media in Israeli—Palestinian relations, this book aims to contribute to the study of conflict transformation through journalism. It revolves around the idea of social change and the conditions for achieving change both from within, and through the agency of the profession. The book seeks to critically support a model of journalism that is deeply rooted in the complexity of the struggle for representation of the Israeli—Palestinian conflict and that can promote change. Specifically, it explores research findings through the lens of peace journalism, discussing the effective application of this model to the Israeli—Palestinian conflict in two ways. First, it offers an in-depth and original analysis of the situation in which this journalism will operate, investigating in particular the interplay between professional practices, the peculiarities of the news production processes and discourses on the conflict. It then examines how these practices and peculiarities affect ways of understanding and representing the conflict which can trigger or facilitate social change. Second, this study is framed around the theory and practices of peace journalism, highlighting areas in which this model could invest. The originality of the analysis lies in the topics chosen for investigation, as well as the approach used for this purpose. Specifically, the book focuses on the practices and beliefs of grassroots peace promoters and their narratives of change, contrasting these with the practices and beliefs of journalists involved in the coverage of the Israeli—Palestinian conflict.


Middle East Peace Process Peace Building Grassroots Action Epistemological Claim 
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