Three Beacons Illuminating the Fourth Century … and Beyond!
  • Hector Scerri
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The theological achievements of the Cappadocian Fathers are indeed far ranging. Although the three Fathers are mostly well known for their writings on the holy Trinity, they are to be credited for a whole spectrum of valuable contributions on everyday Christian life in the church, the monastery, the home, the street, and the marketplace. Although the members of this theological trio were markedly distinct in their character, and this, at times, led to strained relationships between them, it is fair to say that they shared many gifts in common, so much so that they are often referred to together as the Cappadocians. They all owe their later greatness to a highly cultured background and a truly sound and thorough rhetorical formation. All three Fathers spent some years in an ascetic community after their initial years of study, before proceeding to ecclesial ministry at the service of different local churches.


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