As a sociologist, I often wonder of what use I’ll be after the apocalypse (which I and my loved ones will, of course, be capable enough and righteous enough to survive). After all, I imagine in the first few months at least there won’t be much need for a thorough understanding of Marxist theory or stratification or most of the other sociological paradigms I’ve spent so much of my life learning and loving. Or perhaps I’m wrong, and sociologists will lead the renaissance. Still, I fear my current skill set doesn’t bode well for my post-apocalyptic value. I’ll have to figure out how to skin a deer fast so I won’t get voted off the island. Assuming there are deer. But as a sociologist, I like to think I’ll be somewhat useful after we get our feet back under us, defeat the aliens (or learn how to live with them), and start to rebuild some sort of civilization (hopefully with coffee). Perhaps, along with the historians and the anthropologists and the cultural theorists who contributed to this book, the sociologists will be able to offer some insights for a better future. Or maybe that’s just more of the hubris that will get us destroyed in the first place.


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