The Private Sector and the Traditional Marine Industries Revitalization in Zhejiang Province



Since the reform and opening up, the private economy has played a decisive role in regional development and urbanization in Zhejiang. There are many massive clusters, the specific markets, specialized industrial zones, specialized manufacturing towns et cetera in Zhejiang, which enhance the export supply capacity and make people rich. In fact, as a big ocean province, the private economy in Zhejiang also occupies a pivotal role in the marine and the regional marine industry development. There are many private enterprises actively participating in the traditional marine industries, such as marine fisheries, transportation logistics, shipbuilding et cetera. The private economy is also excellently leading in the development of marine tourism, marine biology, marine pharmaceuticals, and other emerging marine industry. The linking construction and development of the port, industry, and city, which is related to the marine economy, industrial layout, and urban construction, is also inseparable from the strong involvement of the private economy.


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