The Transformation/Upgrading of the Private Sector and the Road of Ecological Urbanization



Chinese development is facing the dual pressures of environment deterioration and resources exhaustion, the extensive economic growth model has to be abandoned, and the intensive development road of low energy and raw material consumption with low emission of pollutants has to be taken. In the past 30 years, we the Chinese have been upholding the idea of environment society with “economic development first and pollution treatment later.” In many developed cities in the eastern coastal area, there were and are many highlighted problems of environmental pollution, ecological deterioration, social disparities, and increasingly heightened poverty. In contrast, the private sector brought light industries and agricultural industrialization in Zhejiang province, which was previously regarded erroneously as causing less pollution, consuming smaller resources and energy, operating only with intensive input of labor and land resources; but in fact that was simply not the case. Along with the increasingly growing tensions of resource allocation and production factors of labor and land in China’s eastern coastal area, it has been getting more and more difficult for the private sector to continuously grow relying on the large scale of input and high output of enterprises cluster; private sector has to take technical transformation, achieve the structural transition and upgrading of the private sector industries, developing the circular economy, journeying on the production road of energy saving and environmental protection.


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