The Post-9/11 English and Northern Irish Juridical Fields

  • Devyani Prabhat
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Motivational poet Helen Steiner Rice writes in the Bend in the Road that the future is brighter because of past perseverance. Chapter 4 indicates that macro factors such as the changing political context and mediating meso-level factors in the juridical field may facilitate mobilization. These conditions, achieved through past efforts, make the road smoother for rights work. Motivations, studied in Chapter 5, are necessary conditions for participation in legal mobilization, but as Chapter 6 demonstrates motivations alone are unlikely to be sufficient for facilitating mobilization. Circumstances may overcome the best of intentions as well as prevent the development of adequate motivations for action. In the previous chapter, I introduced the idea that structural reasons may constrain mobilization. In the absence of supportive structures in the juridical field, a sort of “inbuilt” neutrality, actors have to assert neutrality themselves. I have called such assertions dissociative neutrality.


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